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About Nacala

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The City of Nacala also known as Nacala Porto is located on the eastern shores of the bay of Nacala. The port area forms the focus of the City of Nacala and the City grows up the gentle slopes from the port with developing residential areas to the north and the industrial sector to the south. The Port, industry and the large population make Nacala a hive of activity and the energy of the city can be felt in the streets.

The Nacala Corridor which will link the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Zambia, Malawi and Northern Mozambique to the largest natural deepwater port in East Africa, the Port of Nacala. The Nacala Rail system and New Coal Terminal is the primary export point for the large coal deposits of Mozambique.

The areas in the Mozambique channel provides equal interest for the Port of Nacala, as it is one of the biggest natural gas finds in recent years. Mozambique is set to become one of the world’s biggest producers of natural gas. The gas finds are being followed up with frenzied drilling for anticipated oil reserves in the channel, and plans of gas to liquid facilities and oil refineries in the Nacala / Pemba areas to supply interior Africa from the Nacala Corridor links.

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