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Site position

Site Position

The site is situated in a key location between the new Nacala International Airport and The Nacala Port keeping business within the local bustle. The gentle slope which leads from the port allows for panoramic views of the Nacala Bay, Port and Coal Terminal. The view to the port is to the west of the development, maximising African sunsets whilst seeing the lights of the vessels at dock. During the day local fishermen in dhow boats cruise up and down the bay landing their craft on the beaches adjacent to the Business Campus

The Nacala Business Campus is positioned midway on the new Porto – Areoporto Road link that will carry all the traffic from the Airport to the Port and Nacala CBD. The site will form the nucleus of the new Nacala Development Zone, which will house new residential, educational and medical facilities in conjunction with the Nacala Business Campus. The airport is just over 3 km from the Business Campus adding to convenience. Down town Nacala and the port are a mere 2 km away adding to the centralised location.

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